PBD-TV Episode 25: Four Rules of Gun Safety for Beginners

Educate yourself on the basics of gun safety

Educate yourself on the basics of gun safety. There are Four cardinal rules to guide you on safely handling a firearm, so watch and learn to keep safe and avoid potential accidental fire.




Every gun has the potential for danger. Accidents happen because "I thought the gun was empty". If you always assume that a gun is loaded, you avoid accidents.


If a gun is fired accidentally, the chances of harm is avoided if it is pointed in a safe direction. Do not let the muzzle (the hole where the bullet exits) point at people, at surface which can be penetrated and where there may be people behind.


A gun will not fire unless the trigger is deliberately pressed. Do not touch the trigger until you have set your gun sights on a target and you are ready to shoot.


When you have made a decision to shoot, make sure you know where the bullet will end up. If you miss, the bullet can hit an innocent bystander or go through a wall and hit someone behind.

The 4 Rules of Gun Safety provide an almost fool-proof guide to prevent any accident. As a gun owner, you must make them second nature to you. Be a Responsible and safe gun owner.

Pay a little bit of attention to your weapons. This will go a long way in preventing a whole lot of issues and prolong its life. Simple maintenance procedures can save your life and that of your loved ones.

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Pay a little bit of attention to your weapons. This will go a long way in preventing a whole lot of issues and prolong its life. Simple maintenance procedures can save your life and that of your loved ones.

Want to learn more? Take our Gun Safety Seminar

Want to learn more?
Take our Gun Safety Seminar.

Be confident when handling a firearm. Attend the PBDionisio & Co. Gun Safety Seminar. Open to beginners and for LTOPF applicants.

▪ Requirements:
1. 2 Valid ID's
2. 2x2 Picture
3. Seminar Fee with certificate: P500.00 (Validation not Included)

Be a responsible gun owner.

▪ Reminder:
- Every Tuesday and Thursday
- Start Time: 10:30am
- Duration: 2-3 hours
- 5 to 10 Participants every seminar
- Location: 27 Don A. Roces Ave., Quezon City. Across Amoranto Stadium.
- Gun Safety Certificates are given on the same day.

▪ For RESERVATIONS call or text 09285202843, look for Jonathan.

Have a question? Send us a PM.

Click this link for more info: https://www.pbdionisio.com/gun-safety-seminar-at-pbd/

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How Often Should You Clean Your Firearm

Cleaning your firearms after every time you shoot is probably impractical for most of us. Most would recommend cleaning your firearm after a certain number of rounds. Some firearms are better at functioning dirty and some ammunition leaves more debris, making your gun dirtier than others. A safe happy median would be to clean your firearm every 250 or so rounds. You can’t over clean your firearm, and if you desire to clean it every time you shoot it, you won’t be doing any harm. 

Cleaning Procedures and Safety

• Always check to make sure your gun is unloaded before cleaning.
• Inspect your gun as you clean. Check your firearms for wear and cracks when you clean. Consult a qualified gunsmith for any necessary repairs.
• Don't disassemble your gun more than necessary. Refer to owners manuals for instructions. Only disassemble gun to the point needed to reach areas where powder residue and fouling accumulate (bore, chamber, bolt, etc.).


• Use a vise to secure your firearm to save time and work.
• When using Pro-Shot 1-Step Gun Cleaner & Lubricant, let the solvent set for 15 minutes so the penetrating agents and additives can break down and lift up fouling.
• The jag is the most superior way to remove fouling from the bore because it gives the patch constant pressure against the bore when cleaning versus dragging a patch through the bore with a patch holder.
• Use the appropriate size brush or jag. Our brushes' and jags' are caliber specific.
• We recommend the use of a muzzle guard and bore guide to center rods and to reduce fouling from entering the action.

Gun Cleaning Materials

Pro-Shot 1-Step Gun Cleaner & Lubricant

This gun cleaner  / lubricant helps you remove lead, powder, plastic, & copper fouling which means you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion on your firearm.

Pro-Shot Nylon Double End Brush

This double end nylon brush has large bristles which helps you tackle bolt carriers, cylinders, and everything else you need to scrub clean. And small brush on the other end for cleaning tight spaces. 

Pro-Shot Bore Light

This UV Bore light illuminator is a fast and easy way to check barrels for cleaning or wear. You don’t need batteries for it uses ambient light. This also fits in most handgun and rifle chambers.

Pro-Shot Pistol Rod with Muzzle Guard and Brush

This micro-polished precision stainless steel rod is strong and is hardened dense jeweled mirror like finish, this type of rod doesn’t pick up and carry abrasive grit or dirt through the bore. Which means you don’t have to worry about reaching through tight spaces along the barrel.

Pro-Shot Universal Cleaning Kit

The Pro-Shot Universal Gun Cleaning Kit has everything you need to clean a pistol, rifle, or shotgun neatly organized in a heavy duty reusable carrying/storage case.  This is perfect for 3 gun competition.

Pro-Shot Cleaning Patches

The Pro-Shot Cleaning Patches has a high thread count with tightly woven material along with our double napped on both sides creates a superior cleaning patch. It is a 100% cotton flannel fabric for purposes of absorbing foreign matter and residue, and in turn carry it through the bore with the least amount of abrasive contact to the barrel’s rifling.

Pro-Shot Cleaning Cloth

This Cleaning Cloth is a Tactical Wipe cloths that are 100% Cotton Flannel finished on both sides and are intended for wiping any excess oils from your firearm or parts during and after cleaning. Pro-Shot's Tactical Wipe Cloths are great to keep your favorite tactical gear for a handy clean cloth.

Pro-Shot Jag

This jag is a sharp pointed attachment at the end of your cleaning rod. Its major purpose is to hold the cleaning patch in place as you drive it through the barrel of your firearm for cleaning. This protects the barrel, gives you better cleaning and lubricating of the barrel.

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