Doodly: Your LTOPF Assistance Checklist

Your LTOPF Assistance Checklist

Interested in purchasing your first firearm?
What brand?
What model?
What caliber?
What accessories?
What kind of warranty does it have?
Last, but not the least: “How do I get a License to Own and Possess Firearm (LTOPF)?”

1. Go to our store and submit all the requirements.

Visit our store and choose your firearm. Begin to fill out the LTOPF form. This application form is done online. Do not worry, our team will assist you. Sign a “Letter of Authorization” which allows us to schedule appointments and pay for fees on your behalf. Create your own FEO Online Account at

2. Take your Gun Safety Seminar.

Take your Gun Safety Seminar. We will assist you with the seminar. We will also schedule a convenient time to take your drug test and Neuro-Psychiatric Exam at PNP Regional Offices or Camp Crame One-Stop Shop Building.

3. Complete your Neuro and Drug Tests.

Make an appearance to complete your tests. We will assist you at the time of your scheduled date with our liaison officer at PNP Regional Offices or PNP Health Service at Camp Crame One-Stop Shop Building.

4. Get results.

The results of your test will be linked to your online account. While you wait, please prepare all the necessary requirements for your LTOPF.

5. Get your LTOPF Certificate and purchase your first firearm.

When your LTOPF is approved, you may now get your certificate and purchase your first firearm.

Requirements for your LTOPF Application Form

Common Requirements to all applicants

Neuro-psychiatric clearance (NE)

Drug Test clearance (DT)

Gun Safety and Responsible Gun Ownership Seminar Certificate (GSS)

National Police Clearance/ Directorate for Intelligence (DI)

NBI clearance or National Police Clearance

NSO Birth Certificate or unexpired Passport

Proof of Latest Billing

2 valid ID’s

7 pcs 2 x 2 pictures

Businessmen and other Professionals

Income Tax Return (ITR), Certificate of Employment, Business Permit or any appropriate document as proof of income.

Overseas Filipino Workers

Certificate of Employment/ Contract of Employment

Retired Businessmen & Professionals/Senior Citizens

Bank account certificate, Land Title of farm if any, proof of any source of income

Government Employees

Copy of Appointment Order, Oath of Office

Retired Government Employee

Retirement Order or any appropriate document

Military Reservists

J9 Clearance



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