Coco Martin + PB Dionisio

If some of you were at the Defense & Sporting Arms Show last Saturday, June 13, you might have caught Coco Martin at our booth. Many people have asked us how it came to be that he came to visit us specifically. So here’s the story…

A few weeks ago, Coco walked into our store on Roces Ave. looking to buy a gun upon the recommendation of Val Iglesias – known for superb stunts excuted by the likes of Robin Padilla, Rudy Fernanddez and Eddie Garcia (An Official member of Team PB Dionisio). Under Val’s wings for his new series “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”, Coco has been learning various forms of self defense including: boxing, arnis and, of course, shooting.

That day he walked in, Coco bought three pistols from Beretta, Girsan and CZ. He immediately started practicing the next day and then joined a competition the next week. He’s eager to learn and we loved that.

So why are we partners? We believe in the same thing: safety, integrity, responsibility. Mr. Coco Martin is a role model for many people, especially the youth. Team PB Dionisio has supported many youths who have risen in the ranks of professional shooters such as Jethro Dionisio, Daniel Jacinto, Jag Lejano, Ampao Acuna and Jay Morales. We believe the youth should be taught that a gun is a responsibility… that the sport is all about discipline and mental calmness. So for the youth out there who see him in films? We thought our partnership might send the message that, although our TV & Movie Heroes have guns and look really good doing it, in real life, a gun is not a toy. It is a responsibility.

Here’s a clip of Coco practicing with a CZ 75 TS.  Watch out for more…


The CZ 75 TS was specifically designed for IPSC shooting. TS is big, heavy yet elegant.