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Jul 01
July 2021: Item of the Month

BE READY  to save 25% off on selected firearm models each month!For the month of…

Mar 20
Hi-Point C9 Budget Pistol

Hi-Point C9 Cal.9mm Pistol Budget firearm, Hi-Point C9 9mm Pistol. Value for your…

Mar 19
Hi-Point JHP 45 Pistol

HI-POINT JHP 45 PISTOL [mark style=”paragraph-boxed”…

Aug 05
Coco Martin: Bersa or Girsan?

Which one did Coco Martin‬ pick? When “The Bourne Legacy” was filming in…

Jun 15
Coco Martin + PB Dionisio

If some of you were at the Defense & Sporting Arms Show last Saturday, June 13,…

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