Summer Shebang! features Remington Ammunition

Summer Shebang! Sale features Remington Rimfire Ammunitions.

Remington caliber .22 long rifle ammunitions – The best-valued plinking imported ammunition available locally.

For practice, plinking, or hunting small game, it’s hard to beat the reliability and practicality of Remington® ammunition. These rounds are loaded using top-notch components and powders to deliver consistent accuracy.

Game loads – It’s a 30-grain high-velocity hollow point.  Perfect for a semi-auto rifle to cycle (eject) and load a new round.

Target – With 40-grain round nose bullets propelled by powder and primer charges of exacting consistency, Remington 22 Target ammunition delivers match-grade precision in every round. For championship performance, try a box and see for yourself.

Yellow Jacket – Plated hollow point bullets leave a hyper-velocity sting wherever they’re dispatched. Bullets are specially designed to deliver maximum on-game energy with excellent precision.