RED TAG SALE – 2nd Batch 2018

Here’s our second set of “Red Tag Sale”.  Our clearance sale on selected items are on until July 11, 2018, or until supplies last.  These items need to go. Big discounts on pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles. Up to 35% off on these clearance units.

Bersa Thunder40 Pro – was conceived for law enforcement and military service weapons and has been tested under the most adverse conditions showing its accuracy and dependability always.

Bersa Thunder9 – well-known weapon by law enforcement and military in South America particularly the Argentina.

Akdal Ghost TR-01 – a compact semi-automatic pistol designed by Akdal Arms of Turkey. It was designed as a pistol for security and law enforcement personnel rather than the military market.[1] The TR01 is very much like the Glock 17 and shares very many similarities.

Beretta Tomcat – Excellent power versus weight. Stopping power, concealability and lightweight – That’s what the double-action tomcat is all about. Using 60-grain .32 acp (7.65 mm) hollow-point ammunition, this latest addition to beretta’s small frame collection provides firepower equaling the punch of a .380 (9mm short).

Units included in the Red Tag sale are sold on a “as is, where is” basis.  The unit is not covered by warranty nor a return/exchange policy.

P.B.Dionisio & Co