PBD-TV: The CZ 75B Omega

CZ 75 B Omega Blue picture
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PBD-TV Episode 12: The ​​CZ 75B Omega

​​Latest PBD-TV Episode: The CZ 75B Omega. ​Range Officer Edgardo Magdasoc covers the CZ 75B Omega.

CZ 75 B Omega Blue picture

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In this episode, we do the following:​

  1. What are the differences with this model and the earlier version, the CZ 75B.
  2. This model can be used for shooting competitions.
  3. What upgrades are available.
  4. Test fire.

The CZ 75 B Ω is a pistol having new trigger mechanism. The parts of the new trigger mechanism were dramatically simplified as the production terms are concerned. The said parts are placed on the easily removable axes while utilizing interlocking features. Thanks to this disassembly and re-assembly become simple matter, which can be performed by anybody without the need for any tools. This consequently substantially simplifies thorough maintenance of handgun. The materials used, forming of parts and their functional interconnection together enhanced durability, operating life and reliability of the new trigger mechanism above practically qualifiable value.

• Reduction in number of parts

• Enhanced service life and reliability

• Easy assembly and disassembly

• Uncomplicated maintenance

Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod offers a great line of pistols stemming from the CZ 75 basic design. Individual versions differ in their caliber, size, weight, magazine capacity, trigger mechanism operation, safety elements, surface finish, frame material, grip panel types and other specific modifications and features.
“CZ 75 represents a significant step forward in auto pistol design. In the thirty years since it first appeared, the CZ 75 has exerted an enormous influence on service pistol design, and it remains one of the best of the genre despite its age”. Gene Gangarosa, Jr., Combat Handguns®, 2004.

CZ 75

• All-steel construction
• High capacity double-column magazine
• Hammer forged barrels
• Ergonomic shape of grip and controls
• Unparalleled accuracy
• 3 dot sighting system (Tritium sights available)
• Easy operation of controls
• Extended service life due to advanced design and superior materials
• High safety standard resulting from intrinsic safety features:
– manual safety, or decocking
– safety stop on hammer
– firing pin block safety
– out of battery disconnect

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CZ 75 B Omega Blue picture

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