Lockdown Video #3: How to improve your grip and trigger manipulation.

P.B.Dionisio & Co. Lockdown Video #3: How to improve your ​grip and trigger manipulation. ​Tips from Paulo Paulino.

​Practice these steps to improve your grip and trigger manipulation. ​Share with friends you know will find this information useful. 

​Before we begin, it is important to follow the four cardinal rules of safe gun handling.

​1. Always treat all firearms as if they were loaded.
2. Never allow the muzzle of any firearm to point at anything you are not willing to destroy.
3. Never put your finger near the trigger until you are ready to fire.
4. Always be sure of your target, and what is behind and in front of it.

CZ P-09 pistol picture

​The ground-breaking service model CZ P-09 was created on a basis of the long-lasting cooperation with many operatives from armed forces the worldwide.

CZ P-09 9mm FDE Pistol picture

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​Team PBDionisio's Paulo Paulino, using the CZ P09, breaks down the steps to improve your grip and trigger manipulation.

​During this enhanced community quarantine, take advantage of the extra time you have by improving your skills for competitive shooting. Team PBDionisio's Paulo Paulino, using the CZ P09, breaks down the steps to improve your grip and trigger manipulation.

​Improving your grip:

Step 1. Position your strong hand as high up possible to the pistol. The higher the purchase the better leverage and control you will have on the gun. The lower the purchase, the less control you will have. The goal here is to have maximum recoil management.

Step 2. When you grip the pistol, pinch the grip of the pistol into your hand. Do this by using the base of your thumb with the middle and ring fingers. The two middle fingers needs to push the pistol into the palm of you hand. Don't use the pinky finger because it tends to move the pistol forward and affects your accuracy.

Step 3. For you support hand, extend it and angle your wrist down by 45 degrees. This provides better leverage and control.

Step 4. How much pressure do you apply on your grip? Here's a tip. Grip the pistol as hard as you can, which causes your hands to shake. This is called the "grip of death". Slowly lessen your grip and stop when the shaking stops. That's the ideal amount of pressure. Avoid the grip of death to avoid locking your trigger finger.

Step 5. How much pressure to distribute between hands? Try to keep it equal, 50/50. Doing this, the direction of the pistol's recoil is up, which makes it easier for you to track and easier to predict.

​Improving your trigger manipulation:

Step 1. For close or easy targets, pull the trigger in one motion. Pull at a constant speed. If you accelerate your trigger pull, you will cause the pistol to move. You will need to practice. If you have a 3 pound trigger, you will need to apply 3.1 pounds of force. If you have a 1 pound trigger, you will need to apply 1.1 pounds of force. Doing this, allows you to activate the trigger with maximum accuracy while maintaining speed.

Step 2. For accuracy or difficult shots, you will need to "Prep and Press."" Move your trigger finger to take up the slack. Gently press on the trigger till you hit the wall. The wall is when the trigger is about to be engaged the hammer. Get to the wall as fast as possible. Once there, pull the trigger at a constant speed.

Step 3. For pistols with double action, apply the "Prep and Press" method. Do not apply more pressure than needed and pull at a constant speed.

​Step 4. With dry fire, practice both double and single action pulls.

Pro tip for beginners: In the beginning, practice each step slowly to avoid developing bad habits. Correct form is more important than speed. As you get more comfortable, then you can speed up. Practice these techniques to create muscle memory. Find this video useful?

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