Get on the Priority List for The 45th Anniversary CZ 75 B Pistol

For serious collectors only. the limited edition CZ 75 B 9x19 45th Anniversary Pistol.

CZ 75 B 9x19 45th Anniversary

Only 100 units of this pistol will be available for the rest of the world.

This pistol is scheduled to be​ produced to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of first production of CZ 75 in 1975. This limited edition pistol will only have 1100 units​ made.  Ever. ​The first 1000 units will go to the ​USA. Only 100 of this ​will be available the rest of the world. It means only those who​ order first, will receive it. 

​There will be no more opportunity to get it after the 1100 units are sold.  This is truly a collector's item.

CZ 75 B 9x19 45th Anniversary
CZ 75 B 9x19 45th Anniversary

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