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Evanix Rainstorm Rifle

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Product Description

New cycling system with new is still fashionable side lever,traditional rear bolt and uniquely-styled side bolt action in a delightful compact carbine format with perfect balance.


Evanix Rainstorm Rifle
Type : Precharged pneumatic
Format : Compact, Carbine
Action : multi-shot(recoilless)
Cocking : Side-lever(SL),Rear-bolt(RB),Side Bolt(SB)
Calibre : .177″(4.5mm)/.22″(5.5mm)
Charging : Plug-in probe(1/8″B.S.P.fitting)
Max Fill Pressure : 2,900p.s.i(200 BAR)
Usable Shots/Charge : .177″(4.5mm)-20+(approx,high power).22″(5.5mm)-25+(approx.high power)
Trigger : Two-stage,adjustable for let-off and poosition
Safety Catch : Manual,resettable
Barrel Length : 19.1″(485mm),21.65″(550mm)-SHB
Overall Length : 37.5″(953mm),40.16″(1020mm)-SHB
Weight (Not including sight)6lbs 12oz(3.1kg)
Max Power : .177″(4.5mm)->60 joules(Available low power).22″(5.5mm)->50 joules(Available low power)


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