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CZ 97 B Pistol

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CZ 97 B in caliber .45 auto is a semi-automatic handgun designed for aimed shooting up to 50 meter distances. It incorporates a locked breech principle. The semi-automatic function is achieved through the short barrel recoil. The handgun is equipped with manual safety, firing pin safety (block) and loaded chamber indicator. The CZ 97 B features double – action (SA/DA) mode of fire. The magazine is of a double column type with a single cartridge outlet and has a 10 round capacity. The slide is locked open when the last cartridge from the magazine has been fired.


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CZ 97 B
Caliber : .45 ACP
Model : 97 B
Magazine Capacity : 10
Trigger Mechanism : Single / Double action
Barrel Length : 123 mm / 4.84 in.
Overall Length : 212 mm / 8.35 in.
Weight : 1,150 gr. / 40.56 oz.


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