CZ PISTOL, Model ” 75 Tactical Sports”, Cal. 9MM,5.11″bbl., Steel Frame, Single Action, Ambi-Safety, Adjustable Sight, 20rds., Aluminum Grip Panel

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CZ 75 Tactical Sports Cal.9mm Pistol

The CZ 75 TS (Tactical Sports) is a semi-automatic handgun with a locked breech. This pistol model is designed for competition shooting in accordance with world IPSC(International Practical Shooting Confederation) rules and regulations. The pistol allows rapid and accurate shooting within a very short time frame.

The CZ 75 TS pistol model design stems from the standard CZ 75 model. However, this model features a number of special modifications, which are usually required for a competitive handgun:

  • single-action trigger mechanism (SA)
  • match trigger made of plastic featuring an option for trigger travel adjustments before discharge (using upper screw), and for overtravel (using bottom screw)
  • The adjusting screws are set by the manufacturer
  • sporting hammer specially adapted for a reduced trigger pull weight
  • an extended magazine catch – grip panels made of walnut wood
  • the guiding funnel made of plastic for quick inserting of the magazine into pistol’s frame
  • Glossy blue slide, silver polycoat frame.
  • Packaging includes 3 pcs of magazines

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CZ 75 Tactical Sports Pistol
Caliber : 9mm
Model : 75 Tactical Sports
Magazine Capacity : 20
Trigger Mechanism : Single action only
Barrel Length : 130 mm / 5.11 in.
Overall Length : 225 mm /8.90 in.
Weight : 1.27 kg.


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