The P.B.DIONISIO GUN CLUB was established to service its customers’ need for an appropriate place to try their brand new firearms and shoot to their heart’s content. This hands-on experience will definitely enhance the shooter’s experience with his firearm. The P.B. Dionisio Gun Club also provides opportunities to participate in shooting competitions as a team, and a venue for sharing and socializing among fellow shooters. The PBD Gun Club is home to some of THE finest seasoned shooters in the country, including our World Shoot XII and Australasia 2001 Champions.

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Join the P.B.Dionisio Gun Club.

TO BECOME A MEMBER, simply fill up an application form and pay an annual membership fee of P2,500. This will entitle the member to minimal fee on ammo charges, and a 5% discount on all imported products purchased during non-promo periods.

CLUB ACTIVITIES – Whenever possible, tips on basic marksmanship are offered to members upon request by NROI accredited range safety officers. To further hone shooting skills, lessons in both basic and advanced action shooting can be arranged. Club shoots are sometimes organized to promote the sport and to encourage camaraderie among members.