BERSA PISTOL, PRO, Cal. 9mm, Blue, 17rds

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Bersa Thunder 9 PRO Pistol

The Thunder 9 PRO was conceived for law enforcement and military service weapons and has been tested under the most adverse conditions showing its accuracy and dependability always.


As a logical evolution of the Thunder 9, the well-known weapon by law enforcement and military in South America, the Thunder 9 PRO adds improvements and new features as the result of the experience and relationship with these professionals.


Bersa Thunder 9 PRO Pistol
Caliber: 9×19 mm
Operation: semi-automatic
Total length: 7.56 inches
Height: 1.46 inches
Width: 5.5 inches
Barrel length: 4.25 inches
Weight: 30,7 ounces
Magazine: 17 cartridges
Sight radius: 153 mm
Barrel Grooving: 6 grooves, twist: on
Finish: turn in 254 mm
Action: matte blue, duotone double and single action with an external hammer


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