Agencija Alan Type VHS K High-Powered Rifle

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This item is available to law enforcement and military only.

Assault Rifle Type VHS, is designed, constructed and produced completely in Croatia. It is manufactured in two sub-types: VHS-D which represents the longer version and VHS-K which is the shorter version. Assault Rifle Type VHS use standard NATO cal.5,56x45mm cartridges. Assault Rifle Type VHS is designed and constructed strictly for military and police use, with it’s employment against enemy live force and light armored vehicles. The configuration of VHS Rifle use Bull pup principle in which the action and magazine are located behind the trigger and alongside the shooter’s face, so there is no wasted space for the butt stock as in conventional designs. This permits a shorter firearm length for the same barrel length. Result is saving weight of the weapon and increasing maneuverability of the soldier. Such increased maneuverability becomes important in confined spaces, during transport, during combat in urban environments etc. In comparison with other assault rifles Assault Rifle Type VHS is up to 25% shorter in length, while at the same time it’s efficiency by muzzle velocity is 10% higher. The small total mass of Assault Rifle Type VHS is also significant as it is one of the lightest assault rifles today.

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Agencija Alan Assault Rifle Type VHS K
Caliber : 5.56 x 45mm
Model: VHS-K
Magazine Capacity: 30
Ignition Type: Single; Burst
Barrel Length: 410 mm
Overall Length : 675 mm / 26.57 in.
Weight : 3.4 kgs.


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