CZ 455 Thumbhole

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CZ 455 Thumbhole

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Product Description

Buy the CZ 455 Thumbhole Rifle from the P.B.Dionisio & Co., Inc Guns and Ammo Store.

The CZ 455 THUMBHOLE with heavy barrel VARMINT is the model which is particularly interesting for sport shooters. Neither, however, any of the hunters will be disappointed, quite to the contrary. A well-proven barrelled action of the CZ 455 is complemented with thick-walled barrel in order to secure accuracy of fire for intermediate to long distances and also enables, without any effects caused by the barrel temperature, a many more subsequent shots. From the CZ 455 VARMINT rimfire rifle this model differs with its stock of ergonomic shape having a hole for thumb. The stock is manufactured from a specifically made laminated wood. Due to stock shape and the comb height and missing mechanical sights is this rifle natural for shooting with optical sights the reliable attachment of which is provided by the dovetail at the upper section of the receiver. The CZ 455 THUMBHOLE comes as standard with a 5-shot plastic magazine, with a 10-shot magazine as optional.

CZ 455 Thumbhole
Calibre: .17 HMR; .22 LR; .22 WMR
Stock: laminated
Trigger mechanism operation: adjustable
Overall length: 975 mm
Barrel length: 525 mm
Height: 170 mm
Width: 75 mm
Weight: 3,4 kg
Barrel: hammer forged

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